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30 May 2014 @ 02:37 pm
I know, icons?! Me? It's weird, right? (esp since it's been like 3 years now)

Don't ask me how it happened. I was sorting/zipping caps (next offering at Whimsi is gonna be the series), putting promo art together & realized I had no TC icons in my stash. Suddenly, I'm pulling out cute caps and making a whole batch. Random urge can be called nothing but "random" ... but cathartic, so that. I'd forgotten half my Photoshop tricks but it's nice to rediscover one has skillz in that dept (retouching photos for example). As usual, coloring drastically varies as I love to experiment with old styles and new ones. Took half the batch before I could remember how to do basic color overlays. *lol*

Tru Calling is one of those fandoms where I have total cast love! Everyone is amazing; Tru, Davis, Jack, Richard, even Meredith ... but I ended up with rather more Harry icons than I expected to. He's flippin adorable, what can I say? And strangely no solo Luc caps turned out (I promise I set some aside) which is *RIDICULOUS* considering 1) he's the BEST BOYFRIEND in all of TV history and, 2) Matt Bomer, like Eliza, cannot take a bad picture! Ever! Which, speaking of, I could have done a whole batch of just coloring pretty Eliza closeups, so I had to limit myself.

Also, my Jack/Tru quotient is off-the-charts cause I admit I love the look Jack gets when he's screwing with Tru. You know he loves it, (hell he clearly gets off on it!) & I have a well-known weak spot for epic displays of badassery. It's got to be the best dynamic on the whole show, honestly.

Next, should be uploading those caps for ya'all. Minor detour. ;)

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Sorry, but I’m on unofficial hiatus from LJ again. Wish that wasn’t the case believe me, but I just can’t spare the time. Real life sucks out loud like that at times. However,  the art resources offered on Whimsicons should still be accessible to you guys during my absence.

So, how I’ve been hosting my screencaps for Whimsi has changed a few times over the course of the comm but this should be the final answer. I began with free servers but expired links were a constant pain. Moved the files then to my website but they were sucking down too much of my needed server space.
Finally I moved the caps to SkyDrive (which I use to manage my fan art and resources anyhow) and consolidated it. It’s all easily accessible and convenient, plus I have extra space to host more screencap sets in the future.

Some benefits of the change:

·         Everything in one solo easy-to-manage spot, from the administrative end.
·         No more expired links to deal with; these links should always be live
·         No individual, complicated links to manage; now its neatly organized in large folders that contain all of the download zip files for you
·         More storage space means more screencaps & I can get them live quicker with unrestricted uploading times (barring time constraints)

My next step (as I have time to look into it), I want to host a nice lightbox-style gallery option for all of the screencaps on Whimsi. You could still download the entire zip, but also you’d have the option to alternatively scroll thru the galleries and just download individual images by themselves. I’m exploring the options available, looking for the best method of integrating this into Whimsicons and hope to have the gallery option live on all my screencaps as early as the beginning of next year.

To finish, I’m hoping this new system should make it easier for me to spend less time fixing broken crap & more time on reliably hosting/offering a wider assortment of resources for you here at Whimsicons.

Signing off,
-- warrior_gypsy
(Whimsi Mod)
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Tutorial Master Post by Whimsicons

“To what use is knowledge if it isn’t shared that others might gain the benefit of your experience?”

I’ve been saying since I first established my art comm that I’d put up a master post of tutorials –a digital “toolbox” if you will-- filled with all the useful  knowledge I’ve acquired since I first joined LJ’s artistic community in 2004. I strongly believe you can learn to do anything from tutorials if you just study them and experiment with the tips and tricks they teach. 

It’s no secret that I proclaim everything I learned was either from self-educating with an online tutorial or it’s a tip I stumbled across in my own learning experiences. Many of these tuts are very advanced, containing everything from video demonstrations to fully-layered PSD files & you’ll learn multiple tricks the more you study.

LiveJournal has access to some terrific resources; it’s just sometimes you don’t always know where to look for them. I highly suggest bookmarking or “mem-ing” some of these tutorials yourself, or this post so you can find them again later. There’s tons to explore once you get started, I freely admit I haven’t even finished reading through all the tuts I’ve memmed. Of course, most artists create more than one tut so it’s worth sorting through their tags to see what’s available if you like their work; most also accept tut requests if you see a technique you’re not familiar with but want to know how they did it.

Start exploring by clicking on the cut links below:

ToolsCollapse )

CreditCollapse )

Art Basics / ColoringCollapse )

Resources (How to Use)Collapse )

ScreencappingCollapse )

Creating Your Own . . .Collapse )

Cloud / Photo StorageCollapse )

FontsCollapse )

Other Resources; Stock; EtcCollapse )

*note: my thanks to all the contributors who shared their know-how and made this post possible for myself and others wanting to learn. If you own any of the tuts linked here and would prefer I not share them on a public post, please contact me privately and I will remove them immediately.

This post is a continual work-in-progress; some tuts I need to track down, some tuts I may need to make and that takes time. Please bear with; I’ll be adding links as quickly I can.

If you have any suggestions of anything I missed, or have a useful tut memmed you think I should add, comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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10 August 2012 @ 04:32 pm
I know probably most of these scans are floating out their on the Net already-- BUUUUUTTTT I picked up Watch (w. Michael at the cover) at Half-Price Books for a song, then found the DA cover TV Guide online. I'm framing them in a shadow box for my "fandom area" but figured I'd scan them first, in case anyone wants to have them.

2 High Res Photoshoot Scans  |  by Whimsicons

Hey Michael, you're so fiiiiiine, you blow my mind . . .Collapse )
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04 August 2012 @ 08:24 pm

Well chick-a-dees, sorry about the broken links. Because of the move & RL crazies, I seriously had no idea they were down 'til peeps started msging me. Lame free hosts of lame! But what can ya do???

So the links are active again now -sorry for the inconvenience!- & I'm privately hosting, at least for the time being. Might even set up an online gallery at some point, when I have the time. This oughta resolve the "free host" issues once & for all. Will be putting up new caps also, very shortly.

So new links (should be!) operational for everything. Any D/L issues- PM me or comment & I'll check it out asap.

-- WG
(Whimsi mod)

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